Rave Reviews

“Myrna was one of my daughters' favorite characters. Perhaps it's because they want a dog, or perhaps it's because their cat is named Mildred, but either way, little Myrna has shown up in various play scenarios with princesses, fairies, and Little People. Thank you for this lovely little dog in our lives!”

— Margie Miller, Fort Worth, Texas

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“In her debut book of fiction, local author Jean Akin spins and weaves her lyrical prose, not unlike her hero, Master Craftsman Hubert Minkle, created his delicate filigree: “Hubert heated the silver, drew out the strands and bent them, twisted them, curled them, and fit the silver threads perfectly together.

“The text is soothing to read, the story charming, and the details compelling to capture and hold the interest of young readers as they meet accomplished violinist Fiona and her humble secret admirer, Hubert. Gently the message is presented that love, freely given, without expecting anything in return, is the most valuable gift to be cherished. A few phonetic pronunciations and a short glossary at the end make the story even more accessible for early readers.”

— Kristie L. Mletzko for Parent Pages, Volume 17 Number 1, a special edition of The Spotlight Newspapers

The Filigree Slippers appeals to young people's best emotions. My grandkids were clearly touched and inspired by it. It's an endearing story.”

— Virgil Jose, Author of “The Examined Life”, a Gil Rodrigues Mystery

“An elegantly written and illustrated book that is sure to please. A wonderful story full of timeless christian themes such as selfless love, personal sacrifice and commitment. I found the characters to be fun and inviting with names that are very memorable. The story reads like literature but not in an archaic or difficult style. Some of the more difficult words are defined for the younger reader with a glossary in the back (a great idea). It has a classic feel without being pretentious. Your kids will want to read it over and over.”

— Deana, Albany, NY

“I read [The Filigree Slippers]. I love the book. I collect vintage children's books and vintage school books.

This was a wonderful little love story. Love on so many levels. Lessons to be learned. I especially liked the glossary in the book. Sometimes children today do not understand or cannot relate to the language of yesteryear.

"Brava" Job Well Done!”

— Diane Whiting, Emily Taber Public Library, Macclenny, FL

“I enjoyed every minute of it! Can't wait for the sequel!!”

— Gary Ayers, Oakdale, NY

“I loved the story! Being a violinist, I loved the description of the violin playing. I also liked how the thoughts and feelings of the characters were described.”

— Elizabeth K. (age 11), Ballston Center, NY

“So far, three of our children have read The Filigree Slippers. Our 12 year old son said you are the best writer in the world, and he wants for you to write a sequel. What a delightful story!.”

— Anna Thorburn, Claremont, NH

“I just finished reading the Filigree Slippers, it was great--it held your attention. I liked the way different events were explained. I especially liked the character Pliney. I know this will be a great success, can't wait for the next book.”

— Joyce Fargnoli, Rensselaer, NY

“The Filigree Slippers is deliciously enchanting!!!! I love, love, LOVED it...”

— Donna Nelson, Coxsackie, NY

“I received the book...read it with the girls on the plane, then brought it to show the family. First of all, I have to tell you I LOVED IT SOOOOOO MUCH! It`s a beautiful, romantic story, and beautifully written....it was PERFECT for the girls! Nuala didn't get the chance to read it until last night and loved it as well! I showed it to the siblings and they were all SO IMPRESSED with it (they weren't able to read it in full yet)... I promised to order them copies... I'll need four hardcovers...”

— Dan Murphy, Chicago, IL

“I really liked the story and I identified with the main character, Hubert Minkle. I think this book will be the next classic.”

— Zachary H. (age 18), Loudonville, NY

“It wasn't like any other story that I have ever read. I could hear Mrs. Akin telling me the story.”

— Alyssa C. (age 15), Ballston Spa, NY

“The gradual development of the characters made the story pleasurable to read.”

— Nicky C. (age 17), Ballston Spa, NY

“Jean Foster Akin brings her wonderful characters to life in The Filigree Slippers. She is a gifted storyteller who has written a timeless treasure for children of all ages.”

— Maureen Paluszek, NY, NY

“I just got finished reading my copy [of The Filigree Slippers]... I especially like the way you speak to me (the reader) throughout the book... I was there... in the park... in the concert halls and at the receptions. I heard those not-nice 'ladies'. They were not nice at all. I was in Some Enchanted Evening when Hubert was fashioning the filigree slippers for Fiona. I laughed when Myrna spun around in circles and wagged her tail. And I purred with Pinkerton when Hubert petted him. Hurrah for love! Brava, brava, brava.”

— Verna Bink, librarian (retired), Sanderson, FL

“I finished it! Last night I read the first 50 pages, and today finished it up! I thought it was great! ... It was fun and I do want to get a soft-cover for one of my granddaughters...”

— Dottie Cross, owner Capri-Suds Goat Milk Soap, Johnsonville, NY

“[The Filigree Slippers] is my favorite children's book. I just loved it so much. I also just read it to my nephews the other night. Plus, I have a woman in church who wants to purchase your book. ... She wants it for her granddaughter.”

— Shayla Lee Raquel

“[The Filigree Slippers] is a very good children's book. My friend ... told me what a good children's book this is. She let me read it and I really liked it. ... I read the whole book on a Sunday afternoon. Made my day. Thanks.”

— Wilma Atwell

“Just read your book - it's delightful!! Hope you had as much fun writing it as I had reading it.”

— Bernard Cleveland, PhD, White Lake, MI

“I just finished reading your charming book ... I loved it!!
Of course I identified with Mrs. Murphy the owner of Some Enchanted Evening!! I like to think of [my shop] as a beautiful place where women can gather to feel loved and special!! Your “Mrs. Murphy” has encouraged me to think about how I can make my shop even more special!
Can't wait to give the book to [my niece] ... she plays the harp!”

— Chris Biseglia, Mechanicville, NY